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THE BIRINGAN FILE: DOES A CITY OF DEMONS REALLY EXIST? Over a year in planning and production, the Biringan File is now in p0st. Deadline for completion is AFM in November, but post can take longer than expected. Watch for updates. Biringan is said to be the home of a race of engkantos (aka engcanto), something like shape-shifting demons. We take a look at the fabled city and what appear to be outliers in the world of Filipino mythology. NOW IN POST 4k PRODUCTION!

FIELD OF VALOR is COMPLETE. It premiered Aug 4 to a packed theater in Corsicana, Texas. Looking at distributions options now. WOW. A lot more interesting than I had anticipated! NOW AVAILABLE FREE ON AMAZON PRIME AND FOR FOREIGN DISTRIBUTION! Foreign distribution available through WONDERPHIL.


CARROT is under option at this time and the producer says it looks good! The EP wants to change the name to THE FATE AND THE FURY-OUS. What do you think? Of course, originally I called it I MARRIED A BITCH. THE EXECUTIVE PRODUCER SAYS IT WILL BEGIN FILMING IN 2020. Currently scheduled for Romania and Thailand.

THE DESERT PROJECT written by Brandt Media and produced by Tank Pictures is in International Theatrical Release! Contact me for details.


New project: THE JUNKMAN. Going slow but going. Good story about a retired Marine unwillingly thrown back into "the suck" when a women and her daughter are kidnapped to force a Secret Service agent to hand over incriminating evidence on a US Senator who is taking money from Terrorists.


THE MILLER PREDICTION WINS BEST PICTURE THRICE! Nominated Best Screenplay for the 2016 LA Film Festival, and the International Berlin and London Festivals. It is now on Amazon Prime.  along with Special shout out to  BEST COSTUME by Tabitha Orr and BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY by Rhett Contrel.  Awesome.  Full synopsis here.


Brandt Media is continuing to expand its publishing efforts.


A SENSE OF DUTY, an adult action book is now available from and Amazon as an eBook.


THE TOYMAKER, a science fiction novel based on the Willam Robert Gately screenplay, is now available through Lulu  and Amazon as an ebook or paperback!


Order the paperback from your local bookstore or online from your favorite retailer. ISBN: 9780986281518















THE MODEL'S HANDBOOK, 2nd ed, is a revision of the popular first edition created for Simorgh Modeling and Talent Agency as a showcase for its talent and as a way to teach the actors and models in the agency. This is a MUST handbook for EVERY actor or model, new or establised.


A digital download - with expanded chapters and more photos - is also available.



DEATH  COMES WITH THE THUNDER is an action/adventure set in modern day London. It is centered on terrorism - though this time the IRA isn't the bad guy. It is fast-paced with a human element.


I very seldom enter contests but I got crazy with this one: FINAL DRAFT BIG BREAK SEMI FINALS, Quarter Finals in the 2013 SCREEN CRAFT SCREENWRITING FELLOWSHIP, and Semi-Finals in the 2014 SCREEN WORLD AWARDS. Here is what one reader said:


"... the overall narrative trajectory is a relentless one, with commercial potential... The daunting, seedy, secondary characters are extremely well evoked in particular. Megan's history with them is hinted at in the most tantalizing ways. Burk and Tomas are fantastic in their interactions together, and prove to be strong foils to each other... once the friction amplifies, it's effortlessly engaging. The climactic events of the third act are especially distinct and successful - by now, the audience is fully riveted...

Judge's Recommendation: Consider"

DEATH  COMES WITH THE THUNDER is still in post. A number of problems are holding it back - mainly my time. Sadly, the people who said they were going to help edit, didn't.


Outpost Seven

Darius II

"James Brandt's new novel Outpost Seven is a 'must read.' His characters are dynamic and his story is so compelling that I stayed up until four in the morning to finish the novel. The world he has created is both wondrous and terrifying, and left me wanting more. It is a masterful blend of Sci-Fi and Fantasy that will satisfy all readers."
Linda J Fryant
author of R.O.C. and Rohle and Newhalem


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Outpost Seven

It is on the edge of the Human Empire, about as far away from the war as it is possible to travel and still remain in known space. When Baron Storm Hawkins sends is only surviving heir, Jason, on a mission to give him a taste of leadership, he had no idea that the survival of Mankind would rely on his son’s actions -- or that Jason would fall desperately in love with the one woman he was most forbidden to possess.

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